Repair Our Roof –


Scene Poor contractor Antonio doesn’t know what to do.

He just wishes to repair the roofing of the massage parlor and reunite with minding his own business, but there is one problem… just how exactly is he supposed to function if the masseuse’s tits and pussy are out there for everybody to see? Olivia Wilder fishnet bodysuit leaves little to the imagination, and Anthony attempts to be a gentleman and avert his gaze — but could any man resist a glimpse since his price is negotiated by them? Matters get worse when the masseuse determines he is charging them a lot. He tries to argue but since Olivia leans in, her tits cleaning his arm, he gets even more flustered. ‘We could work something out,’ as undress and she begins to rub him Olivia pouts and Antonio is powerless to say no. Antonio drops his cost lower and lower — who understood that a masseuse could be such a talker full, as his penis teases?

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