Remodel My Ass Part 2 –


Dek has brought his buddy Brett to find the job that was re-model that he and Trey are operating on. Brett immediately asks him Trey fucked him says that he noticed that Trey has a large penis and when he could manage him why havent they fucked yet? Dek says that his cock is larger than Treys and does not know if he can manage it.Brett persuading him that he can and they begin making out. Soon Brett has his gigantic prick outside and Dek is about his knees trying his best to deep throat it. Bretts enormous cock engulfs’ depth and length Deks mouthwatering. Brett then rims his ass before fucking him. He starts out slowly in the beginning, but as Dek warms up Brett goes balls deep within his ass fucking him deep and long. Brett sucks Deks cock fuck positions that are in-between and then goes back to thumping Deks butt. Dek then rides Bretts cock that he shoots his load around Deks face and till Brett cannot hold back and then Dek sucks the last drops out of Bretts big cock out. He explodes cumming all over the floor, as he is currently sucking the very last bit out of cum.

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