I sit at the old warehouse awaiting for realtor Roxie Rae. A property firm is managed by me and have been pissed off ever since the owner of the firm sent his slutty niece Roxie find out the company and to operate at the business. Roxie is a spoiled brat who does things her way and won’t hear. She sees unprofessionally, flirts and dates her very wealthy businessmen clients to making earnings. She has begun to steal revenue from her follow up agents and I’m determined to put an end to it. I lure Roxie into an listing with all the guarantee of a commission that is large. Roxie shows up dressed in her typical apparel, buttocks posture spandex pants that are tiny, skin tight top and lace heels. The girl is scolded by me and criticize her attitude and attire. Like I expected, roxie is flippant and condesending. I pushes her and catches the woman. Roxie is overpowered and surprised as I pull her wrists behind the chair and wrap ropes around her wrists crushing them together. Roxie grunts in pain as her elbows have been pulled together together with the ropes behind her back. She demands to know what the hell is going on and demands that I stop and let’s move. But I’m fed up and sick and tired of getting the rich brat about, interrupting my business. So I simply have to create a real scandal to choose the woman out of this picture since she’s the niece of my company, I will & acute; t passion the prig. I enjoy stuffing them into poor Roxie & intense and pull out some old rags;s bothersome mouth then I pull some elastic wrap and then wrap it s mouth watering the bitch. Her ankles are wrapped into ropes and pulled back to the surfaces of the seat so her feet are off the floor, and I tie them. Ropes are wrapped her arms down and wrists then I a tie a rope tightly. Roxie protests into her gag as I tug down the rope between Roxie´s legs and then buries it deep into her spandex coated offering her a camel toe. Roxie is gagged, bound and helpless and that I stand over her gloating. I tell the girl that I am going to get my camera and take a great deal of sexy images and distrubute them all around the net on porn sites, facebook and twitter. Following severe & Roxie family finds out what a slut she is then I will be rid of her forever. Roxie screams, begs and cries to her gag as I walk off to get my camera gear leaving her bound and helpless.

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