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Scene Miss Dallas desperately needs a bit of relaxation. Recently, her boyfriend got into some trouble with the law. It’s really making it hard for Miss Dallas. With Bentley Pierce, Dallas will be in good hands. Bentley is a full-body masseuse for many years and knows how to get her fingers and hands into the correct places. Bentley starts by applying a scent oil to DallasA’s back. Before moving on to the upper section, she works her way up. You can clearly see DallasA’s adorable little bottom and pussy with her legs extended. Dallas remains tense so Bentley offers to release her. Bentley turns her client around and assures her that her breast massage is included in the complete body package. Bentley strips down to reveal her clean-shaven thighs in order to make her more at ease. Dallas 69’s Bentley takes to the top and gives her legs a deep tissue massage. This places her lips, tongue, and throat deep in her wet pussy. For a massive tension relief, Bentley does Dallas till she’s cumming her entire face.

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