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“I’m very excited about that! “Jamie had never fucked bareback earlier, and he was prepared. He was open to doing all sorts of stuff, but he did have one particular request…”that I want to be at the center of a fuck sandwich” He said.Liev laughed. He was a little bit nervous.Jamie and Pierce needed him on the couch face down. They were going to give him a back rub to loosen him up.Before I knew it, though, Pierce was on his spine along with Jamie and Liev were over his balls and cock, operating them aggressively.You could inform that Pierce had been prepared. Jamie began massaging his hole and just stuck in right in. Pierce adored it!Jamie started beating him and Pierces legs were right up from the atmosphere. Pierce was heading down to Lievs cock and Liev sucked Pierces feet! There was something to get everyone.These guys were all over each other! There was a lot of sexy fucking going on, with a great deal of laughing and sweating… I especially enjoyed it when Pierce and Liev took turns fucking Jamie!And as for the fuck sandwich, Jamie got his desire!

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