Pee Your Pants –


Pee your pants combined with Alisha and Sosha in this enjoyable and lively video.Before you see this movie, make certain you are prepared – You are likely to have to have a full bladder, be wearing something you dont care about wetting in, and you might want to be certain that the floor under you’re protected, because in this movie Alisha and Sosha need you to pee on your pants as they watch.The video starts off with Alisha and Sosha talking directly to you. Both of them are sporting t-shirts, using Alisha in Sosha jeans and light khaki pants. For this video they describe how they wanted to do something different. Rather than having you just sit there and watch them urine, they would like you to moist yourself.After awaiting an embarrassing moment for you to begin peeing, they determine that you might be shy and need some encouragement. They choose to wet their pants , to help you feel not too awkward about it. First Alisha pees in her khaki pants Sosha wets her jeans. Now they are equally moist, it’s your turn. They respond as you pee from your clothing, and watch, intently. Having appreciated the adventure they make to go as the video comes to an end tidy up and say goodbye.

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