I&severe;ve been watching superheroine Robyn for a month now and I understand her regular just like a book. Although intense & I; ve long since retired, I want to get revenge during severe & my enemy . I had been acute her momma &;s best friend and spouse until she did me wrong and that I &intense;ve waited a decade to abuse for this moment and carry her superheroine lady down. I drag Robyn into a filthy garage and throw her down. The filthy bitch is Back in my entire life, superheroines had respect – t be caught pantyless. Just how do you show this sort of disrespect. I bind her wrists and yank a rope up and into her pussy – pulling it way too tightly up and in between her bare pussy lips and into her naked ass cheeks. I decide to slowly deboot her and I unzip her red patent on the knee boot – up a leg and strip the boot off her. She’s appalled and squealing like a pig. I do the same with her boot. Yes, I’m the Cat Woman that is retired, but I’m back in action just as strong as I had been in my day. I manhandle and grope her body. Next comes a dual strap ballgag. One strap XXXX between her lips and into another strap under her forehead along with her mouth and her embarrassment add together. You won´t have your abilities much longer Robyn. I bind her legs and rope down them to the railing of the cot. Still much too mobile to suit me. I add a rope and tie it down into the springs on the cot XXXX Robyn to put. Every time she jerks on her body, the throat rope engages and she receives a fast reminder of who’s in charge. I tickle her feet while she laughs uncontrollably and jerks. Poor little super heroine – not such a strong girl are you really??? I tie it on my own neck and untie her cape that is glistening. Acute robyn & ; s as shhe feels himself becoming weaker eyes widen in fear. I hold a Hitachi Magic Wand up and push against her clit. Awwww – I feel so powerful making you squirm little girl that is super. I turn it and shove on the vibrator to her crotch rope. Because her body betrays her, poor helpless Robyn is screaming through her gag and she starts to cum. I bend very close to her face straddling her head and walk to the cot’s head. Hmmmmmmmm – your prized mask is about to be eliminated. Robyn bucks like a bronco in denial as I remove her mask!!!! Ahhhh yes!! Revenge is a dish best served cold!

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