Orgasms are Golden –


Sexy blonde Claudia Macc returns to Puffy and Wet two years after her introduction and looks sexy! She begins her scene at the lounge wearing a blouse and miniskirt that barely covers her ass and wastes no time in pulling her panties to show off her cleavage and lace bra open. She takes off her top and climbs then this stunning babe is left in her lingerie pulling on her skirt off. Claudia continues her striptease and she uses her hands to tug at her XXL pussy lips after she is left naked to the couch. She twists them tugs them difficult before using some golden Ben Wa balls to rub her labia and fit into her puffy pussy! Claudia loves the feeling of them popping out of her hole, and licks them clean once she’s finished with them! Using a pump, gorgeous blonde Claudia places pumps it and it on her pussy, allowing her labia get sucked up the tube. As much as she’s currently enjoying the feeling of her pussy lips getting teased, this minx is ready for something uses a gold vibrator moving on her excited pussy! This vibrator does come up with the products when filming, loving every second of it quickly as Claudia loves an orgasm!

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