My leggy neighbor Nikki Brooks is snooping around and I see her peaking in the doors. She asks me who I am and what I am performing in extreme & her neighbor . I´m home sitting I tell she begins to ask me way too many questions and the snooping blond. I pull out my gram and inform the woman to strip off her clothes. Poor Nikki is frightened and she begs me to simply let her move, but it’s too late since she knows I’m not a house sitter and I am here to rob the area. I push her back on to her knees and nikki stands inside panties and her bra and start roping her wrists up behind her elbows back crushing painfully. I grab the bitch at a choke hold and she sobs. I include a tight crotch rope laughing since her pussy divides in 2. Nikki continues to yell and beg me to let her go, but I am tired of her huge mouth. I seal it in tape and push a rag greatly between her lips. Pretty Nikki chokes and gasps and that I push her body level on the rug. I tie up her bare foot and her thighs and also inform the woman how she should&acute. I put the woman in a tight hogtie and grope her body a bit. I catch her clothes just and that I abandon bad Nikki jumped hogtied, gagged and sobbing while I complete robbing your house.

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