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Mario Truillo is back to do its gon and our bidding this week! Mario for those who havent had the pleasure, was among our first boys that helped launch our site 5 decades back. It looks like just yesterday. Mario never fails to disappoint. It seems he gets warmer each time we visit him. Mario was here for a jerk off scene using a hot wake board instructor called Bobby Clark. It was hot watching these two str8 studs break the ice and pal around because they conquer side by side. It was definitely a new experience for both studs. Since he has a girlfriend in Colombia, mario has been acting. Marios a sexy fuck and admits he puts his fix and when he didnt hell jack it off but nothing routine. A Miami native, hes just one of reasons as it isLatinos Miami is as sexy! This afternoon we invited yet another familiar face, MJ Cash to join us. MJ is 22 and from Houston, TX. He have been always thankful when he drops by and is in Miami every once in a while. MJ was here for a fuck session with Justin Wells. It left a lot. On that note, more is exactly what went to provide Mario. Mario has finally consented to let’s offer him a taste of exactly everything a guy can perform to get a dick. WoohooWe got him! (Heres your only chance, Fancy. . .Dont let us down) Two studs one, locker space scene. As the clothes come off the first strategies change. His bum is wrapped by MJ into a towel around to showers when he gets a glimpse of Marios boxers straining to contain his erect dick. Mario turns about sensing the catches and gaze MJ staring at his dick. Perfect. No one around Marios and to view anything obtained a few weeks worth that he needs cared for. This children mouths gotta be greater than his hands again. Mario squeezes his cock thru his briefs and the move MJ needs. He goes down faster and grabs Marios cock. When she moved down at a catastrophic hurricane in 1622, Contrary to the Atocha that lost her treasure; his was found by MJ. Marios boy cock, considered an treasure but now, will be in for a hurricane of its and trusting that it too, will shed every drop of its freight. Mario gives in, as he starts to face-fuck him, holding MJs mind. MJ sucks Marios throbbing cock. Marios in ecstasy as he bobs MJ on his cock. Mario requests MJ to lie flat on the seat and straddles his head. Stay right there!Ill provide it to you. He states hovering over MJs face. He forces his rock hard meat indoors with his palms and holding it descends. He begins to pump MJs mouth, performing knee bends because he buries his meat. This aint so awful after all he chuckles in amazement. MJ has more in store for our Latin fuck that is hot. Mario eventually lets go of his cock as he pushes MJs mouth. It springs as it does it springs up like a Twist, which makes Marios balls inches from MJs mouth and free. Seizing the chance, MJ darts his tongue back behind his nuts that are smooth, shoving his tongue deep to Marios ass. Mario gasps, trying to process the feeling as the wet tongue laps in his ass. Whatever it is, its own making his cock harder. Mario is now putty in MJs mouth (so to speak). Mario stands leans above against the locker giving accessibility to MJ. Mario strokes his cock with one hand as he reaches , shoving at MJs head deep with another. MJ sits back from the bench, tilts his head back and orders Mario to sit on his face. Mario backs up that ass with no hesitation, waiting for more. As he will our str8 boy reaches for MJs cock and starts jerkin it for him. I mean, seriously, MJ didnt jack himself off also and consume his ass? Mario is in heaven and assumed really happy he chose to provide a try. Someone purchase a toaster to get MJ, we might have a convert. They sit back to get their off and a bit over excited, Mario, is the very first to blow. As it shoots baby batter all over MJ, seated a couple of inches out on the floor under, is eye-level using Marios erupting cock. The visual is sufficient to send bad MJ as he, too, busts a nut all over his torso. Final words are timeless!

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