Nikko Tied to a Chair –


Nikko is tied to a chair and made to pee in her leggings within this video.Alisha has Nikko tied into a hotel room chair, topless, wearing only grey leggings. Nikko is very desperate to pee, however is unable to not have an accident.Alisha has a different program though. She’s attempting to induce Nikko to wet herself. Nikko is tickled by alisha and pushes. Finally Alisha succeeds- Nikkos pee sprays throughout her leggings, soaking the evil she is seated on.Relieved, but ashamed, Nikko is sitting inside her pee puddle. Happy in getting Nikko to wet herself that she succeeded , Alisha slides her hand and then begins to finger her. As Alisha rubs her nikko is at a state of bliss. Nikko has an orgasm. Nikko, tired, moist, and relieved, tied up from her chair is subsequently left by alisha.

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