Nicol Love in Nicol Love –


We had a big beauty in the studio. Nicol Love came by with a full bladder and a desire to show us exactly what she can do in order to get a rise. Shes desperate to pee she doesnt waste any moment and immediately soaks heels and her jeans using a stream of piss. Nicol begins to lick at them and strips out of her pee-soaked pants this dark haired minx just cant get enough of her nectar! Realising this isn’t enough, there is more coming, ” she unleashes a powerful stream right on and moves on to the couch! Opportunity to get! There’s only one thing to do now, soak it up and begin, there are a number of powerful tits that require a little care, and Nicol understands she really cant refuse herself a bit of quality time, so she quickly makes sure that she is properly drenched in her very own gold nectar and moves on to a fish-bowl giving us a grand perspective of her XXL pussy lips hanging invitingly as shes squatting over the bowl making sure that she has a homemade beverage to enjoy. However, what can you really do with a piss drenched hot babe that is not dripping with her own pee, but just pussy juices? You watch her go to town on herself providing that boy a sucking before sticking it in to her pussy and showing us exactly what those pussy lips may take giving herself an orgasm and give her a dildo. To make sure shes not the only one that is going home satisfied she gives us more diving into her hot urine onto the dining table.

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