New Boyfriend Roped into.. –


Kacie Castle, a charming and mischievous young slut is full of charm and has a small frame that begs for fucked and bound. These are the exact characteristics that led Rob Piper and Kacie on a few dates, to then take a trip to their Step-MotherA’s house. Kacie exudes flirtatiousness and batting eyes as she explains to Rob that his Step-Mother has been out of town and that Rob and She have full control of her house and all of the BDSM toys that are hidden beneath the pastel décor. Rob is eager to discover all of Kacie’s submissiveness and dirty sex. Rob quickly has Kacie gagging and moaning as he clamps her face with tight metal nipple clamps. Soon, Rob is making her puke all over MommyAA’s bedroom floor. For cumming unpermittedly, Rob will rip off her clamps and whip her up until her little legs ache. Rob makes her a sex puppet, and she is dragged into the bed in metal bondage. Rob does not know that he has become a player in the perverse lesbian game between Kacie, her Mother and Rob. Kacie alerted her Mommy by sending a text confirming that the two were in her house. This is to rekindle the old D/s relationship that Kacie longs for. Helena arrives at her house and doesn’t pause to hear her step-daughter fucking. She then walks straight to her bedroom to see her boyfriend. Her voyeuristic orgasm begins by rub her wet bum with one hand while keeping her eyes on her little girl getting pummeled. Helena returns to the home after her orgasm and pretends to be a lover of Rob. Helena wants Helena to remain her taboo lesbian love and strict BDSM Domme, but Kacie has made it clear that Helena is not interested in Kacie growing up. She has given her mommyA a last over-the-knee spanking, and she has licked her pussy like an angel. Rob is invited along to Helena’s house to help her train Kacie into the anal shere that she was. Kacie couldn’t be happier watching Helena circle behind her, giving her a tough flogging. Helena’s final tests include spitting swapping, deep-throat coaching, and lesbian cuckolding. It is an example of service and pain before pleasure, with Helena holding trays as well as having her orgasms. The double penetration scene features Helena strapping her massive bra in KacieA’s already stretched sexhole, which is now full of RobA’s hard-dick rubbing against her pussy. Helena, who is choked like an anal slut and chews her hair as if she were a sexy fetus, asks Rob for his sexual servant.

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