Three times have gone and German soccer pro Yvette Costeau is stark naked and hogtied to a mattress. She is massively gagged with duct tape and ankles and her wrists are fused together. This time I’m her captor – a perverted and sadistic lesbian woman topless wearing my underwear. Poor helpless Yvette is small losing her power and willingness to fight at first she seems resigned to her destiny. I seize the opportunity manhandle and to tease Yvette for a lengthy time. I XXXX fondle her nipples playing with her pussy and taking my time sucking on her nipples and kiss her gagged mouth. Yvette tries hard to fight away from me, but from XXXX her she is bound to stop me. My hands run up and down her body and tease her soccer team telling Yvette that they’ve been defeated at the Olympic games. Yvette sobs into her gag, but I don´t care in any way. I am getting turned on with her helplessness and I make her my prey. While Yvette cries, I revel in sucking and licking on it and XXXX my mouth. Eventually I tire of playing together and the jump girl is left by me . The following morning Yvette wakes tied up – she looks around her prison to discover her fear starts to escalate and that extreme & she; s . She’s so reluctant to be abandoned abandoned and her efforts are unworthy. I reunite with my partner and he ungags her. We XXXX her to drink. Yvette drops asleep and the next thing. Confused and doesn & severe awakens;t realize a week has now passed. She jumps up and catches her luggage rushing into the door to catch her flight. While awaiting the cab she sees the rope marks on her wrists and thighs, but it’s too late. Yvette will discover one week of her life is a hole and that the Olympic games are over.

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