My Doctor’s A Bottom –


Brett is at the doctors office for his physical and he is nervous coming into the physicians. The doctor finally comes to check on Brett and gives him his full physical. Trit has him shed his trousers and notices he has a boner that is gigantic that is raging. Trtt plays off it and brett apologizes for his boner and begins to make him cough as he grabs his thick penis. Trit didnt take his eyes off this stunning cock and starts to stroke it and he wraps his mouth about it and carries it all in sucking and rubbing his balls. Brett is astonished but loving everything. The physician is calling the shots and Brett is mounted by him and sits on that thick cock of the taking it balls deep then slow and stable Trit rides it like a professional showing the shaft and making it completely disappear. Brett bends Trit over the test table and fucks the cum out of him than blasts his nut for the physician.

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