All of us thought hooking up with the muscular Max Power has been a win – intense & he;so good looking and full of appeal. Ayla Aysel, jenny Jett, Vanessa Luxxx and that I guessed he was a excellent catch but we heard he was only a participant along with a manwhore. We choose to gang up to the tinder slut. I encourage him over to fuck and the three women enter the area. Max opens his mouth to defend his activities but Ayla quickly jabs at him and down he goes woozy. We grab the chance get him stark naked before waking him up and to strip off all of his clothes. Jenny sits on his head, his cock is sat on by Ayla once his ankles are bound by me together, and her curvy ass sits on his legs. The girls is located then roll him over so I can tie up his wrists behind his back and taunt him . Max fights but can&extreme;t do much with Jenny&extreme;s ass planted on the other two pinning down him along with his face. I laugh as Jenny plants while Ayla raids his pants pockets, her heel on his torso. We find a girl panty in his pants pocket and then push them in his mouth wrap his encounter layers of thick electrical tape. We’re using a burst embarrassing a man’s hunk while the three of these misuse helpless Max kicking him and grabbing his cock, and I add more rope. Jenny makes the decision to tie his cock and balls and the man that is unworthy can only grunt and moan into his gag because we yank the rope. I finish him off in a hogtie and then we depart the cheating manwhore bound, gagged and struggling in bondage…

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