Mr Wilde binds and fucks a.. –


Christian Wilde takes body builder Marcus Ruhl into his playspace for a session. Inspired by the chains, Marcus has Mr Wilde lock his arms upward. Christian starts sucking on his uncut cock and eliminates his jock Since the muscled hunk is secured in position. Mr Wilde defeats on Marcus down before pushing him down to his cock to consume and then catches his flogger. Before taking Christian’s cock deep in his ass on his belly, Marcus feels the sting of the crop against his torso. The body builder is propped up on his knees until he is carried to the mattress, weights are attached to his balls. Tied down in place, Marcus has hot wax poured all over his body before his leather master covers him and fucks him more. Mr Wilde completes the hunk off as he milks all of the cum out of his uncut penis.

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