More Pleasure, More Pain:.. –


Ingrid Mouth Yields Within this shock-filled of Electrosluts!

Ingrid finds herself bound and gagged at Lea Lexis lesbian electro-dungeon. Lea will not touch Ingrid unless power is coursing through Ingrids entire body and is all too pleased to have Ingrid at her mercy. She inserts an anal plug that is into Ingrids buttocks and cranks up the power. Lea gets the violet wand touch plate while Ingrid writhes on the floor. Now her signature is electric, Lea is ready to receive her fingers on Ingrid. Ingrid screams and giggles as Leas electrified tongue and fingers find all her sensitive areas. Lea employs a conductive flogger to jolt Ingrids tongue and cunt. Next Lea straps on a cold metal cock for the electroslut. She slips the Samurai strap-on as Ingrid breeds inside her rope bondage into Ingrids pussy. Ingrid gets a hard fucking that is deep from the stunning Lea When the power is switched on. As she orgasms, her giggles become screams and her pussy clamps down on Leas electrical cock. After Lea is completed fucking her electroslut, its time for Ingrid to pleasure her. Ingrid is decorated with pads onto her stomach and thighs. The power turns out that, spits in Ingrids mouth and makes saliva is produced by her before Ingrid gets the honour of licking Leas pussy. Because she crops Ingrids tits, abdomen, and thighs lea grinds down Ingrids face. After coming hard on Ingrids confront, Lea breaks from the taser. Ingrid is once again offered more pleasure by her. . .as long as she chooses more pain! Lea sits on Ingrids back, which makes her masturbate and grind back on a vibrator. Lea continues to threaten her, as Ingrid gets closer and closer to arriving. And Leas threats are never empty! Ingrid gets as she struggles to come over and more, shocked multiple times!

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