I had been waiting a very long time for a situation to start my career to another level and eventually things are going to break for me. The news reporter, carissa Montgomery is coming to interview me before the courtroom and I could &intense;t wait to brag about this situation and how the mob king is being taken by me down. We sit on the couch and she begins to question me about the evidence I have. She leans in close and pulls a fabric out – we fights and struggle for the cloth and collapse onto the ground. I wrestle the busty blonde pinning her down and straddling her. If she reaches , I wrap my hands and begin to tease her and XXXX the fabric over my mouth and nose. The area blackens…. I come to jump tightly in a seat – my elbows crushed behind my back. Carissa starts to interrogate me. I refuse to answer and the mob girl that is blonde determines it will be much more easy to use sex to get me to talk. She fondles my body and then gropes pussy and my tits. Her tongue reaches out and teases my nipples making them moan. The big tit bitch laughs and catches her vibrator pushing it between my thighs up against my pussy. The Hitachi purrs and I begin to find super turned on bucking and grinding from it. I give in and tell her everything. She turns to leave and will be suddenly accosted in the door with means of a mob hit man. He drags her around the ground with his large hairy arm. Choking, till she falls down on the ground kicking and crying. He wraps elastic bandage and shoves a rag greatly to my mouth. Then he ties her wrenches her wrists with her back cinching them tight and chooses up Carissa. He informs her she and ties her down to the seat should&intense;t completed the task. After gagging Carissa, the seat moves back and adds rope across our necks. We choke each other as we all struggle and realize that the rope round our necks to tighten and we are gasping for air.

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