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Small Avi Love is now meeting her celebrity – the devastatingly beautiful Miss Julia Ann! Avi sneaks unexpected Julia just to discover that shes in! Begging to do anything for her fantasy celebrity crush, Avi begins slowly taking away the stockings from Miss Julias and is bent into her knees finely manicured toes. As Miss Julia lavishes her with attention sucking toe by toe, Avis stunning eyes gleam – first choking her slender throat, then stripping Avi into her lingerie. Though innocent as to Miss Julias goals, its apparent from Avis excited desire that shes loving every graze of Miss Julias fingers, every control tears from Avis gasping lungs. Continuing with her devoted puppy to toy, Miss Julia tosses Avi within her knees, then spanking her taut ass and spreading her tight, wet pussy wide for review. Avis puffy nipples are clamped as Miss Julia starts hammering her wrinkling toes, tickling her toes, and slapping against her thighs. Avi gasps in delight – her pink hole rising wetter and wetter. Sliding in one finger than another, Miss Julia teases begging for more. Miss Julia delivers, yanking at her nipple clamps and turning Avis flesh pink with slaps, Avi grinding her cunt. As she cums hard under Miss Julias hand, vibration, her body shapes. Miss Julia binds Avi – back arched – to a seat, dangling her panties and stealing her breath little by little, choking Avi until her eyes roll back into heavenly submission. Consumed inside her dream, Avi gets a flavor of Miss Julias gloriously cunt! Grinding her pussy she is smothered by Miss Julia celestial buttocks – Avi struggling against her ropes and gasping for breath. Its so clear that Avi might be Miss Julias new favourite enthusiast as Miss Julia cums repeatedly into Avis mouth. Rewarded for her body, Miss Julia fucks Avis greedy hole with her penis – the sides gripped extending the bondage, glistening pink lips as she cums hard again and crying out in delight. But Miss Julias not finished – . Binding her new slut Miss Julia thoroughly fucks Avi – begging and delighting in the desire and dirty talk she and her innocent fangirl prie apart. Its apparent that which Miss Julia wants – could Avi prove to be her biggest fan? Miss Julia pushes her cock deep to Avis puckered pink asshole, stretching it wide and deep because Avi begs for more and more, completely adopting the dirty whore she actually is. To Miss Julias joy, Avis asshole is ravaged from missionary to doggy, and also this small fangirl cums over and over and above proving herself worthy of Miss Julias attention.

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