Making an All Purpose Bitch.. –


To serve Mistress C one must be a dirty, little slut. Mistress C declares it is time for daisy to be tested. She dons the gloves of latex and starts to push her fingers into daisy’s genitals. She continues to stick her finger into the ans of daisy and she is very impressed with how well it is being taken care of by Mistress C. Her crop is taken by Mistress C and she starts to whip daisy’s face and its feet.

Daisy weeps in pain, which is a delight to Mistress C. Mistress C then decides that Daisy can be used as human furniture. After a beating, she sits down on the daisy and begins to smack her stomach. Daisy gets very upset when she moves below her, while she’s getting beat up. This is a great afternoon for Mistress C. It’s not so fun for Daisy.

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