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This special features Divine Bitches stars Sebastian Keys and Aiden Starr. Things heat up quickly when these two BDSM veterans and their current partners are involved. Sebastian begins in an inverted ankle suspension, with his hands behind his back. He begins to sweat as he anticipates being used extensively by the Goddess. Aiden puts four clover clamps onto his balls, and one on his nipples. He is flubbed by her before she gets a crop and rubs it over his thighs. As Aiden relentlessly taps Sebastian’s sensitive thighs, Sebastian shouts out his gratitude. Aiden shocks Sebastian with the zapper when he is unable to take more. He pays particular attention to his delicate nipples. Sebastian then gets cuffed and tied with a spider gag, his mouth wide open. Aiden canes Sebastian’s thighs while Sebastian is grooving all over himself. Her fat cock fucks Sebastian’s face. Sebastian takes in as much of her cunt as possible, staring up at her perfect cunt as he gagging. She then takes out Sebastian’s gag, and chokes him using her hand. He then spits in his mouth. After his mouth has been stretched, she starts to open his second hole. As she stretches his mouth, she bites into his balls and then flexes his sexy fingers. She finally gives the hungry buttslut her hard-strapped cock. Sebastian groans as AidenA opens his sexy genitals. As Aiden pushes Sebastian’s ass, his groans intensify before she flips him over and fucks him on his knees. She holds him down with her collar handle, and fucks his neck until his collar is choking him. She suckles him until his open sexy cleavage is visible. Then she fills his stomach with four more fingers. Sebastian begs for cum as she milks Sebastian’s prostrate incessantly. Sebastian finally gets tied to AidenA’s mattress. He begs for cum. He doesn’t have the chance to get cumm before her. Aiden sits down on his back and allows the slave to worship his beautiful pussy. As he kisses his perfect sexhole, she cums all over him. She continues to push him, until his hands explode. She continues working Sebastian’s sensitive cock, delighting as he cries and tries to flee her grasp. She then takes all of Sebastian’s cum and rubs it on his face. Before leaving, she shocked him with her cattle prod.

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