Lilith Luxe Pounds The.. –


Lilith Luxe is a masseuse who receives a lot of whiny, complaining executives as clients. After D Arclyte comes , she determines hes the subject that is ideal to take her special treatment. Instead of a normal session, D is exposed to bondage, flogging, ass spanking, hard anal pegging, two clothespin zippers, tease and denial… and he enjoys it and hates it all together simultaneously! Lilith starts out new D to get him prepared for whats to come. She spits teasing it with her hands. She subjects him to breath play, smothering him in her ass and pussy. D doesnt understand which way is up when she flogs him hard and then later ties him, mocking his complaints. She then takes benefit of his vulnerable buttocks and pegs his hole hard and deep while telling him about all the other clients shes done exactly the identical issue to. Every time she does, and she sits on his face, making him lick her wet slutty cunt until she cums she rips a zipper of clothes pins off. Finally, she uses his cock to get off, curing him like a bit of beef till he blows his load and comparing him one of her lesbian girlfriends. She smears his cum all over his face, and walks outside knowing hell return for more!

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