Liev & Calvin –


I have to say I was amazed (and a bit shocked) that Liev was very open about his sexual curiosity with other guys. It really was something that I didn’t expect. There has been a glimmer in his eye on getting to do much more than just kiss another man! “How do you really feel on your first time having sex ?” I asked. “Im excited! Lets get it done! This is just another step. . .trying something fresh,” he responded. His face was lighting up the area with enthusiasm. Calvin was as enthused and made Liev even more comfy. They compared their own bodies. Liev was impressed by Calvins torso and buttocks and the Calvin watched Lievs cock, there was a bit of shock. “Damn look at the thing! What is that? That thing is enormous. I am kinda nervous” He joked.Lievs aggressive side started showing through and that he didnt hesitate at all to kiss Calvin. Liev did Calvin, and adored it. It was time for me!

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