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Barely legal pretty blond Genesis Amour comes to audition for a dominatrix in training. She´therefore decked out in typical black leather domme attire with black leather stiletto boots her long hair swaying as she informs me she certainly has it in her! I laugh and tell her I need to reveal her very first hand exactly what she&severe;ll need to learn to do. I grab a leather strap and bind her wrists behind her back buckling them tightly together. Grabbing a handful of my hair that I XXXX the young dumb girl down onto her knees. Wow – she states, ” ´re enthusiastic. I&severe;m excited to get into this. She stands up and I strip her booted legs into the article. I like your mindset she says. I&severe;m glad I inform the loser, you&severe;ll be giving me 50%!!! We discuss whips and floggers as I sew her clothes and grope her goodies. Too much fun for this sweet piece of ass. I hook her body into the pole with another leather strap and continue on to mouth stretching. I dangle a tremendous 3-1/4 inch ballgag in front of her and tell her she wants to understand how it feels. I push it between her luscious lips and she promptly starts to drool. I´m done she mmmmphhhs through the ball gag. I strap her throat into the post and inform her she´s been played with by me. I’ve a session boy coming and he asked a young hot lady. Poor thing&severe;s eyes widen in panic as I add one more leather straps. Poor little desire na be dominatrix obtained herself in a poor situation. Genesis fights and drools around herself waiting for my client sobbing and choking out somebody assist me!!!!

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