Latin Heat –


Nicko Morales made his debut last week and is now back to demonstrate how all of that A’Guatamalan-nessA” can be put to use as he tests Diego Vena, a fan favorite. Nicko, originally from Guatemala but now calling the Big Apple home, is 31 years old. Diego, 34, is originally from South Bend IN. These two hotties were asked if they would go on a vacation for one week anywhere in the globe. It’s difficult for Diego to choose between Barcelona or Brazil. Nicko has Brazilian family so thatA’s the place he wants to travel. It was a question we had about whether either one of them were part of the Mile High Club. Nicko and Diego have not yet found the perfect flight attendant, while Nicko still hasn’t tried to have sex with them in the tiny lavatories. Nicko was asked how he feels about having porn. We also wanted to know what his thoughts were on the experience. Nicko smiles and says the men are much more attractive in real life than they are in porn. We asked Nicko and Diego what was their most memorable orgasm. He said that A’thisA was his favorite. Awww. Ah Boy! Diego blushes, always a gentleman, as he agrees…Lip-locking and all over one another is how Diego and Nicko start to get closer. As they kiss, Diego takes NickoA’s shirt off to reach his furry chest. Diego licks NickoA’s hairy chest and bites it with his tongue. As their shirts fall off, and their pants become unbuttoned, they can’t stop giggling at each other. As Nicko falls to the ground, DiegoA stands and takes Nicko’s pants. As he lowers the sexy shorts, he gropes DiegoA’s expanding cock and ass. Nicko cannot help but feel DiegoAs silky sex as he approaches. As he enjoys his hot ass, he bends over Diego and dives in tongue first. Nicko shoves Diego’s face in that hole, causing Diego to squirm. Nicko stands to release his own cock, which is straining to be released. He quickly kneels down before Diego and takes the cock out. As he chews, he shoves the cock down his throat. As he glides down the pole, his stomach begins to relax and he starts riding. He soon gets comfortable with the dick and bounces around on the meat as if heA was on a pogo stick. Nicko grunts as he has his cock hard. They had fun playing together, and they fought with each other. Nicko moves on so Diego can go on with all four while he keeps his paws hard and pounds it. Diego, who is begging for more, rams Nicko’s cock into his insatiable ans. He grunts and fucks Diego harder. As DiegoA’s hot sex is bounced off NickoA’s cock, he railed. The party moves south and DiegoA, Nicko, and Nicko lie on the ground with Nicko supporting DiegoA’s legs as he slides in for more. As they get hot and heavy, his balls work hard. Diego cannot help but laugh as Nicko hits that sweet spot, bringing him closer to the climax. Nicko sees this and pushes Diego over the edge. Diego moans for a few seconds, before jumping all over himself. Nicko pulls out his gun and starts shooting all over himself furry trails.

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