Last Resort Hookup –


Single life has its own pros and pitfalls that Christian is discovering while on his holiday at a luxury hotel. Christian is currently thinking about himself how good it is to have this freedom living the single life but he enrolls that special someone to spend some time with. Lucky for him this resort isnt packed on this particular day if he meets a local by the name of Hunter. Christian and hunter have observed each other at the resort while at the bar Christian can feel that Hunter may want more than simply a stink down death by but today. Both lock eyes Christian can tell Hunter needs him to follow him in which both can talk privately. Christian follows him into the trunk and from that point out Christian immediately and takes the lead has Hunters eager mouth wrapped around his thick cock sucking and sucking as face fucks him. Christians might be pushing the envelope a bit too far although hunter likes big dicks. Christian eases into thrusts and Hunters relaxed hole deep within him providing hes been longing for since hes been in this resort to the pleasure. Both fuck from the seat for a bit and move on the sofa as Christian lays him down onto his back pushing hard and deep not allowing his cock is escaped by Hunter. Christian fucks the cum straight from watching and Hunter him ooze all over makes rope his nut all .

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