La Trice Strips Down –


Its game night over at Osiriss house and hes getting the board all ready for Trey when he arrives. Trey arrives in perfect timing but he suggests a new game and points to a long brown bag. Osiris is kind of bummed but Trey tells him to guess whats in the bag and after a few tries he cant figure it out. Trey slowly pulls out a long very long double ended dildo and Osiris cant believe his eyes. Osiris never puts anything in his ass but this time Trey tells him he needs to feel what he feels all the time. Reluctantly Osiris agrees to play doubles with Trey and so for starters Trey pulls out Osiriss big long hard meat and goes chin deep sucking stroking all that cock. The toy cant wait so they both ease into the dildo, Trey first then Osiris, they push against each other and slowly it goes all the way in and both their butts touch. Deep as it can go they rock back and forth fucking each other with it moaning intensely with all the excitement. Osiris can only take so much in his virgin ass so they disembark and Osiris starts pounding Trey.

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