Kendra James & Lydia.. –


Goddess Lydia Supremacy and mistress Kendra James possess among the boot sluts on their knees begging to worship their own boots. Before allowing their servant get to work, they laugh and taunt this boot whore until his tongue is hanging out of the mouth like the dog he’s. He starts to get tough, as he is made to deep throat his goddess heels and lick soul to the peak of the laces. Goddess Lydia sees this and leaves this pitiful because they step around his face, boot slut lay on his back and useless filth stick which makes him whimper like the dog he is. Goddess Lydia and mistress Kendra make him put back on his knees and induce him to jerk on his dick until he releases his own filth all. They inform their servant Now lick every last drop bitch and then return to your cage as they laugh at just how a lot of boot slut he really is.

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