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We are delighted to welcome Katie Summers, a beautiful blonde and strong woman. Scene one shows her bound in an open-necked hogtie, with wooden spreader bars at her ankles and another under her elbows. This lifts her torso. She is forced to lay down on her tits, which are tied. We are treated to a foot torture, an ass spanking and a butt plug. It is amazing how much she can move. In scene two Katie is bent bound doggy style. Claire allows her to stretch her breasts by tying them to her kneeling blocks. The breast bondage will be traded for a tight neck rope, and cruel nipple clips later on. You will see her squeezing for every ounce of pleasure. The third position is Katie bound kneeling with her legs extended apart and the spreader bar. This position we refer to as a prisoner tie. The arms are raised above Katie’s head, and they form a gorgeous back arch. This slut will eat anything you give her, and she’ll be begging for orgasm after orgasm until her stomach is full of incomprehensible grunts.

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