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This tall glass of water is Julieann. Looking at her from head to toe is going to take a time because shes somewhat taller than many whores whove visited the cherry hole. Despite the height difference theres a penis hungry white woman over the holy, also dirty, walls of the bathroom where the soap dispenser hasnt been in months. Julieanns leather coat is almost as black as the penis thats about to get into her world. Naive initially Julieann inspects his cock and it melts inside her mouth. She’s to squat to prevent fucking her up but that only means her eyes come at the firing line using a black penis. She just takes a black cock intermission to show off her tits at a red bra that simply screams”Whore!” . A wonderful ass shot is awarded as she gradually loses her lipstick to his cock. Shes offering him a grin paint project that Earl Scheib wouldnt be in a position to do. Julieann gets that throat she initially begged for and that she damn near must chew it before swallowing it down.

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