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Alisha has an wetting accident in her shit, while enjoying a friendly game of pool with Ryann! You pissed yourself! Ryann exclaims at Alisha, staring at her wet trousers. Alisha is humiliated. She just peed her pants while playing pool.Alisha knew she was desperate to pee, however, neglected to estimate just how dire the situation really was. Focused on her gut, she crossed her thighs and held herself because she grew more and more distressed with every minute. Still, she stayed obsessed with the match, ignoring her bladder until it was too late.The instant she started urinating, she understood she made a horrible miscalculation. Her brightly colored trousers showed her injury off. Ryann noticed almost right away, and was quick to point out Alisha, a grown woman, only wet her pants.After having fully peed in her pants, Alisha is absolutely humiliated. With her thighs soaked in her urine, she takes her sopping wet clothing off and runs off to clean up. The match is left unfinished, and Ryann is left stunned and entertained, having observed Alisha wet her pants.

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