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Brodie and jake began their day off at a really playful mood and that gets me excited because I never know exactly what to anticipate. Jake was leaping onto the punching bag (that really made me anxious ) and Brodie was faking to knock off using a set of weights. They were laughing and joking and initiated a game of hacky sack. “So is this sexy or what?” Jake asked, nearly surprised that watching them wrapped the sack was entertaining me. “That is so sexy since I am just watching your crap dip around. Im not even. I am looking at.” They knew precisely what I was speaking about. I dont know if Jake had been practicing but it happened that the ball somehow landed to his crotch and Brodie appeared to know what to do in the moment so I allow them to do it! They kissed and Jake worked on Brodies cock… and Jakes hairy butt was prepared to bring a slamming. I really like that Brodie never holds back! His cock rammed in and out of Jake and Jake took everything! They managed to use a bit of workout equipment to hang Jakes buttocks at the perfect angle for fucking. The sweaty sex continued as Jake hung to one arm, arm pits perspiration, buttocks open and the weight till Brodie fucked the cum stroking his cock!

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