Isis Love’s Internet Crush -.. –


Everyday is Valentine’s Day for Isis Love.

She’s girls and men alike professing their crushes and desires to her all the time. Isis understands when you have this many people after you, you get to be VERY picky about who gets the rare chance to be with you. Kendra Lust meets the high standards Isis has established for her admirers and following months of online stalking, Kendra has her fantasy awarded – to introduction in a porn along with Isis Love. Kendra is fit with”300″ design abs and a compact little body which wiggles with expectation when Isis rolls her. This really is the golden moment that you will NEVER see again – this time on camera stress, the unidentified and intimidating deep waters of fucking machines that are controlled by somebody you have only fantasied around, and it is all happening live while we see in the room and above the net. Kendra does not even know how amazingly sexy and genuine her responses are – she has no idea her first time is more challenging than many experienced models encounter. She is tied spread eagle with her nipples sucked tight by suction cups which pull milk out of her tits. Isis does not miss one beat and rams her palms into Kendra’s cum drenched pussy until her entire fist plunges inside. Her cunt is fisted for the first time in her LIFE! Kendra’s orgasms come quickly and surprising with her sweet Midwest accent screaming out”oh I’m cummin” And Isis never disappoints with her intense squirting orgasms and pure dominant urge to use Kendra in all the ways she would like to be utilized along with all the ways she could never image. You will never witness Kendra cum similar to this again because she understands what to expect. This is it, this is the spectacle to observe.

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