Introduction to Electrosex –


Episode 1: Using Hydii I want to provide a great introduction to her to all of the implements at Electrosluts. Her disposition starts withthe Violent Wand, the Zapper and the Acrylic Plug.I run the Violet Wand within her ass, giving her a taste of what is to come and though she might think she is prepared, she knows she comprehends the pleasure and pain she is going to encounter with the other new toys!The Violet Wand awakens over her nipples then disturbs her several times around the clit before I giver her a kiss on her lips and then lock her into the ground.I place Hydii on her back with legs and arms spread, and restrain her for the very first time with cold metal. Although she giggles though the procedure, it’s obvious that she is nervous and hesitant about it.The restraints provide me easy access to her tender pussy. I allow the Violet Wand run at which it can on her body and shock her with the Zapper until both are on the soles of her feet.Hydii finishes the scene by cumming tough with the application of the Acrylic Plus on her pussy and the Hitachi Magic Wand onto her clit.

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