India Summer’s Second.. –


India Summer is made up of the things that finally turns to legend. Take a look at her! Many women look as great as the day that they walked on to place and have been for as long as India at Porn Valley? Shes a Size Queen, too, and has taken all of them on: from Shane Diesel into Jack Napier to Shorty Mac, shes struck each BBC to make a name for himself. . .except one. Enter Dredd. At 65″ and 230 pounds, Dredds an intimidating man. If he pulls out his thick piece of meat, he has what is necessary to become legend. And this scene? Same deal. India is genuinely turned on to the point of several orgasm, and every time Dredd moves Indias holesshe utters the words”fuck you”! Why? She knows what shes got, and that she’s knows Dredd is something special. To not be had very frequently. This being said by perhaps the Size Queen of them all.

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