ID Sensual wetting –


IaEUR ™ is having a great time sitting on my elegant sofa. A sexy pink negligee is on me with a black ribbon around it, cute Pusheen cat socks and an extremely comfortable white ID Slip. Because the negligee is transparent, even though the ID Slip has been covered up, you can see the top of the material through the pink see-through fabric. IaEUR(tm), I enjoy making my legs look good and feeling happy. Starting with my calves, I slowly work my way up to my thighs. Then I press my fingertips down on my skin and make my skin tingle. My legs are stretched out and I place my feet on the armrest of the sofa. Then I switch positions again. This time, my legs are spread out in front of the camera to show my crotch. Yes, that was me joking! The pleasure that I feel running down my neck is intensified as I gently rub the ID Slip between my fingers. Now my bladder feels tingling and I immediately get on all fours. My peachy bum is in the air and my hand on my small back, so I succumb to the temptation and put a stream of water into my ID Slip. It fills up around me and it is overwhelming. It is heavier because of my release. I enjoy the sound it makes as I move around on the sofa, listening to the hollowing sounds coming from the inside. It’s so thrilling, and it is easy to see how the wetness indicator changed colours. Although I’m dressed to go to bed now, the fact that I’m now soaked in water means I might stay up past bedtime.

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