Hot Under Her Spell: Julia.. –


Frustrated and uptight to day life, Julia Ann makes an appointment with hypnotherapist India Summer to arrive at the base of her issues. India guides can be surprised to discover that Julias facet comes out to play and Julia into a meditative state with! Julia takes India on her knee lifts her skirt, and begins spanking her buttocks that is perfect. India is unsure exactly what to make of the developments that are new but she soon gets hot beneath Julias spell! Julia slips her fingers and places binder clips. India gasps whilst fingering her cunt, ripping orgasm after orgasm from her since her clit is licked by Julia. Next, India is tied with a metal anal hook inside her tight asshole in doggy. Julia flogs Indias ass and rear, before tinkering with Indias feet. India enjoys the sensation of this flogger and soon gets to pleasure her customer. She licks and licks bum and Julias pussy since Julia cums all over her Trainers confront. Ultimately, India is in metal bondage and Julia straps onto a thick fat penis to plow Julias. Julia whimpers supporting her ball gag, as her cunt is fucked by Julia and threatens her with the zapper. Each thrust pushes Julias cock deeper and deeper into India. After India cums difficult, her sights turn for her buttocks that is . As her ass swallows Julias thick 9, india groans. As her ass gets plowed first in missionary and then in doggy, she begs to cum. Julia catches Indias ponytail, while she offers her fucking holding her slut in place. India cant stop cumming and Julia doesnt want her to. She pulls out her cock and maneuvers them into scissoring, plus they cum all over every other.

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