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Whitney Morgan catches her brother Jordan Tyler completely naked in their mom´s room with her panty drawer open and he´s holding a punch of the silk panties inhaling the scent. Whitney taunts him about huffing mom´s pussy scent and presses a pair over his face smothering him then forcing the panty into his mouth. She wraps his face with many layers of elastic gagging the boy. Then she ties his wrists together behind is back and calls me into the room to tell me about his panty obsession. I am appalled and put a couple of panties over his face. We lay him on his belly and put a pair of my panties on him forcing him to wear girl panties. I grab more rope and bind his ankles as Whitney ties his thighs tightly together. We finish him off in a hogtie as Whitney laughs at him. I turn my anger on my daughter – I´ve taught her never to tattle tale on anyone and she broke the rule when she caught Jordan. I demand that she strip off all her clothing but she keeps running her mouth. I shove a panty into her mouth and gag her just like her brother. When she is naked I crush her arms together behind her back cinching the elbow rope very tightly. I lay her down net to hogtied Jordan and finish tying her up. I leave my two offspring hogtied and struggling on the floor …

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