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Who doesnA’t like horror stories? We all do! We had an idea! So we organized a Halloween party for the sexy college girl. It was held in a cottage hidden in the woods and participants had to be able to portray horror movies characters. We had vampires and witches as well as a lab nurse with bloodstains, demons and other horror characters. Excited college girls got the party going by sharing gruesome tales about ghosts and cannibal mortuary workers, mysterious suicides and other horror stories. This was thrilling and hair raising, and best of all it turned the heads of the party girls. They weren’t weirdos ha-ha. It’s only that we fear making ourselves horny. Finally, my friends and I decided to have some fun at the party. Although ghost stories are fine, neither one of us really wanted to share them for the entire night. There were so many more fun things you could do with these five college girls! The girls danced for us and most weren’t in panties. We couldn’t resist joining them as they began to caress each other and making out. Each of them enjoyed lots of attention, even though there were just three men at the college fuckparty. Even a blowjob competition was held to determine which college slut did the best job. This theme sex party was a huge success! They wanted it to be more than a college party. Our mighty cocks were their saviors. They wanted all their oozing spots polished, we to perform hardcore college DP and to see them have fun with their pussies. And they just wanted to continue to cumber. These naughty girls are insatiable, relentless! I can be certain that I had sex with each of these naughty babes at the incredibly heated sex party. I was so impressed by their passion. Check out this amazing and thrilling adult party film!

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