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Out of management Casey Calvert believes she has it simple; a father who pays all of her bills, partying and school. She didnt understand her step mother, Jelena Jensen received a phone from Gamma School informing her that Casey is expelled for non attendance. Jelena decides to take things in her own hands, putting some rules for her delinquent daughter and teach her lessons from home. Casey sits back on the couch and pretending to play like she’s enjoying school a lot, but Jelena understands she lies. She calls Casey out telling her how she knows that she was expelled. Casey doesnt care about Jelenas threats regarding telling her father. But after a little intimidation, Casey understands her pleasure and games will soon come to an end if he finds out. Jelena will instruct Casey in your home whether she likes it or not. The first thing in class now: Anatomy 101Casey cries looking at the monitor with vaginas. Jelena doesnt think it is so amusing considering Casey place herself in this mess. Jelena describes about the 2 sets of labia, nipples, clitoris and anus. Jelena orders Casey to eliminate her pants, having her pinpoint what she just learned. Casey points out where her clitoutside and inside labia and most importantly, her anus. Today Casey is taught to remove her shirt, extending where her areola and nipple are. Jelena understands what must be accomplished. She strips away all of her clothes to be able to reveal Casey the way to be with women sexually. All for the interest of her education.Jelena strikes her daughter softly, however Casey isnt convinced since this is her stepmother. Jelena knows what is best for her kid and knows what needs to be accomplished. Jelena removes her dress and bra taking Caseys hands to caress her succulent breasts, placing one on her mouth, licking her mothers nipples attentively.Their lesson , as Jelena lies Casey down, spreading her legs to feel the warmth of her daughters succulent pussy. Casey cannot control the desire to cum her her mothers mouthpanting in joy because her teen lesbian pussy throbs and clenches. It’s Caseys turn to lick her moms lesbian pussy, trusting she’ll excel in her house schooling.To be continued!

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