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Meditating in her studio, Leya Falcon is a holistic reiki healer with long blonde hair, huge tits, and a big ass. Now, London River enters Leyas studio to assist channel some energy. After a session, Leya finds that Londons butthole chakra preventing her from achieving happiness and is out of working. Leya has London lay down so that she can fix her butthole chakra back to alignment. She proceeds to stuff a butt plug out of Londons ass. She looks inside and tests to see if the chakra has aligned and pulls it out, alas it has not so her hole has to stretch more and moves to bigger toys to find the business done. London goes deeper and harder in Londons asshole. She squeezes at her chakras back and gets her fist. Leya should get yet. She catches the pig toy and snakes it deep into Londons asshole. Leya has her lick the butt juices off of it to find a flavor of what a chakra orientation should taste like and has London utilize a toy. London then places a large black toy larger than her head to Leyas. Both must connect on a deep level therefore Leya gets tied up to reveal she’s spiritually. She could be jump physically and feel freedom while her asshole becomes foot-fucked, licked and sniffed. Leya Falcon gets a strap-on and fucks Londons butthole hard open, prepared to take the fantastic wholesome energy flow which Leya has steered into the room to finish off this session.

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