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Hi, I’m Suki That a 19 year old from Prague.

I do not feel like that, although I finished school and everybody tells me I am a grown up today. I have braces, I live at home and I have not actually had sex! I am going to college in September, but until then I do a little waitressing and see a good deal of TV. So I was bored at home, once I found something in my mother’s drawers: a rubber willy. It was so adorable. I got to thinking about the grown up. I started slowing it down there and touching myself, so I’d be wet enough to put it in. I was. It eased , centimetre by centimetre, until it gave me a beautiful tingly sensation. I kept pushing it out, nice and gently until I tingled all over. It was amazing, I believe I was cumming. I liked it so much I must do it again. I guess that there must be different toys and that I could even try a true willy…

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