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The scene begins with Miss Xi explaining how slaves can be useful for small tasks like exercising. We see her tightly wrapping her legs around the neck of her slave. This helps me to keep my legs toned and tight so I can bust slaves ballsaEUR she laughs. As he kicks, the slave appears a little frantic. You will love the look of XiaEUR ™, his tiny 4aEUR(tm).s feet. They are nearly black. Her size is small but her power is immense. When she rolls him on one side, she discovers that he cannot breathe.

The camera is moved to the rear and you can see XiaEUR(tm), her toned body and her sexy gstring pants. Xi is relentless throughout the entire scene, even though she takes her time to kick his feet and slap him. Then, she lies on top of the slave and gives you a fantastic overhead view of her body and the slave below. He licks her feet, and she jumps up to make him do the same. As the slave attempts to grab her leg, she turns around and takes a sideways turn. She then sits down on him, rubs his legs and drops his head between her legs. He lifts her by the arms, and she says that it’s time to give her a final squeeze.

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