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Stella Cox has been a loyal fan of The Upper Floor for many years and was thrilled to have the opportunity to train as our big titted slut slut. She is charmed by TUF’s historical porn palace staff and their submissive ways to seduce the staff at The Armory. Stella, who is fluent in French, has a flirtation with The Maid and presses her curious hand against the ButlerAs pants. Soon, the door locks and Stella is crawling up the stairs with her ass, asking for cock. You must earn your cock. Stella will earn hers by a horrible squat in hard bondsage. She has her head in stocks and a vibrator tied to her cunt. Her command is to beg and have her orgasms. While enjoying deep anal fucking from the Butler, the Maid giggles at Stella’s plight. The Maid laughs till she realizes that StellaA stole her orgasms and will have to pay with strict caning. Stella doesn’t have to be pretty or scream at XanderA. She must be a good girl and learn the rules if she is to get that dick. Maybe a little bit more electrical discipline can help. Stella is next seen tied open in a chair and having all her holes taken by Arabelle. The curious, little girl cannot help but look at other people. She must find her place. She is able to learn even though she’s being double-stuffed and tortured by The Maid. But Scene Three proves otherwise. The extremely strenuous bondage leaves her strappedo-like, with her elbows in tight rope and her arms pulled high above her heads as The Butler anally destroys her. It is difficult for her to grasp the Final Rule of Deportment. But The maid is determined to distract her with her pussy, cunt vibes, verbal humiliation, and her facial expressions. Last Scene shows Stella struggling to balance the trays. Her beautiful tits bounce in rope as she cries, begs, and then drops tray after tray. The Maid simply places the items in her band and shocks the maid with the cattle prod, laughing with sadistic joy. Stella finally earns her collar, and she gets to lick the MaidAs pussy while enjoying one more round of sexual orgasms with the ButlerA. Stella gets a full face of cum, and is then locked in a cage so she can use her sex again in the future.

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