Girls invite you to lick the.. –


Every once in a blue moon, I’m left wondering why a guy jumps in head gets naked and jerks off to the camera. Greg is the blue moon. Hes a gorgeous young guy somewhat soft spoken, but he carries himself with the underlying confidence that is extremely attractive.He only turned 21 and is still extremely focused on school to become a firefighter. He’s got a great hairy body he maintains trimmed. As he began undressing… I knew why hes the confident quiet type. His body is defined and muscular out of his time in the fitness center. As his shorts came off, I saw another reason… a very thick, veiny, uncut cock with a wonderful pair of low hanging balls! “Has anybody told you you have really low hanging balls!” “Yeah,” he smiled.As I asked him to bend, I discovered that he did so with a tiny reservation. “You dont like showing off would you?” I asked. “Yeah… I’m not a show off,” he replied with a grin. “And yet youre standing naked in front of the camera.” “I’m unsure,” he replied. “I am just not a show off”

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