Get On This Dick –


Brocktons own Brenn Wyson is back in the house and we wait to find out what he has in store for us this past week. After Brenns look, where he put Sebastian Keys in test while aggressively redecorating the set, our members were begging for more. Being abandoned to your own devices is a good thing. In Brenns case, its ideal and also this weeks fine addition to the MenOver30-by-injection club is about to find out. Sean Duran is responsible for a genuine treat. All Hallows Eve arrived but a moon past (just go with it). . .so we wondered what these favourite outfits that were tricksters are in the past. Brenn loves while Sean liked being a devil that is skanky, dressing up as Dracula. Hmmm. They asked them when they had Trick or Treaters stop by tomorrow evening catching them what they could expect to walk away with. A egg in the face! Laughs Brenn; that quickly assures us hes (mostly) kidding. Sean follows up that gem with this, An apple, he beams, because Im always an urge. Yeah completely egged this kids home later. LOL Well enough about Halloween trickery lets leave these two to determine what treats are left to be had. And by had we mean. . .well, you know! Sean is texting on the sofa looking for some action when Brenn comes home and catches him in the act. Who you fuckin texting? As he takes away the phone he barks. This is what you ought to be taking care of because he undoes his pants and educates Sean to get on that dick and to pull down them. Sean swallows since Brenn begins to fuck his pretty face, that penis all the way. Brenns vaccinated. Check me! As he slides that cock down his throat he orders head in place. As Sean worships his thick prick, it slows down to appreciate the view. Brenn subsequently pulls up Sean before shoving him back onto the chaise in which he strips off his pants. He gives a bit of the exact very same to him and takes Seans cock outside as he swallows Seans hard penis. Sean is nicely defined and just like Brenn has his talk. So they both get more of everything they need until Brenn gets his tongue up Seans 27, they work their cocks. He slaps as he rims it profound getting it ready for longer that ass. . .Bent over on the chaise, Sean grunts and communicates it as Brenn slides his fat cock hole. He knows exactly what he needs and gets right into pounding that bum as he hammers his dick deep. He forces Sean to flex reduced so he can mount him tougher. Brenn lays on top of a face Sean along with pistons that cock deep. As he gives him every inch he can shoot his balls smack away in the ass. Brenn then pulls out and stays on a basketball as he gets him to straddle and sit on his dick. Suddenly Basketball got much more interesting as Brenn dribbles Seans hole up and down. They make out because they fuck as Brenn proceeds to fuck that ass still sitting on the chunk and Brenn gets Sean on his spine. He retains up Seans legs as he puts to it pounds that ass missionary. He wants to bring it home and that he receives Sean on his own side and then slides his cock back inside for more as he lbs him. Sean cant assistance but his throbbing cock and can be sending his enormous load all over himself along with the rug because fucks every drop out of him. Brenn unloads his massive nut over one Sean that is satisfied and gets on his knees.

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