About going to the Rio de Janiero Olympic games is thrilled. Yvette is the best player on earth advertisement her staff is going to be the winner for sure using Yvette playing. Yvette is currently traveling prior to heading to Brazil and she&severe;therefore been invited to a party that is welcome by the neighborhood community. Yvette is stunning in a golden satin evening dress and her sandals. She&intense;s getting ready in the sack and looks at herself in the mirror very proud and excited. That a man enters the area and overpowers her and cl-forms her, while she’s admiring herself in the mirror. Yvette struggles and cries him, but he’s much too strong and her world goes black and she’s out cold on the ground. Wakes naked and horribly attached to a chair in a deserted building. She’s strong and muscular so her captors used many yards of rope to help keep her completely immobilized bound arms and legs and her body. Her elbows are smashed and their are a lot of ropes out of her ankles to the tops of her thighs. Yvette cries in grief and shakes her own body uselessly causing the ropes cause pain and to dig deep out her flesh. A masked man is sitting next to her and he explains that a foreign nation doesn&severe;t need her to go to the games. This team hired him to make certain that Yvette doesn&extreme;t make it to the games assuring that the German group will not be the victor. Yvette yells – she & intense; s fearful acute & she and her arms and legs are numb ;ll get rid of sensitivity and no more have the ability to play soccer. The masked guy doesn´t even care in any respect. Yvette curses him in her native tongue and then spits. After some time taunting her, he becomes exhausted and pushes a huge ballgag into the girl &severe;s mouth hammering off it . He cries and sees as she moans and screams through her gag. Then clover nipple clamps are applied by him to her tits and torments her with a shocking machine for his entertainment. He leaves the helpless football player brutally bound and thoroughly gagged while he goes on a lengthy journey to get his partner in crime…

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