George on Erica –


Scene Erin is the Newest Woman in the Soapy Massage parlor so she is very Keen to impress her Customer Jenner.

After she has him nude she takes him into the Jacuzzi she takes him to the room and strips to get him then. She wastes no time grabbing his dick and stroking it till they relax in the water that is warm. Jenner is aroused he can not wait to find out what’s next. Erin covers their own bodies with the soap and sets him down. She awakens and down his body then stops and grinds her pussy . Erin knows how to complete a massage in fashion. She takes him into the shower where she washes him clean then kneels down and sucks on his cock. She unloads his balls all over her amazing tits and strokes him hard As he is about to burst. This woman has a future as a masseuse.

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