Gag her hard –


It’s not surprising that men find Mistress T entirely irresistible, submissive men cannot contain themselves. Mistress T softly touches her subs penis making it instantly hard. She softly whispers into his ear when rubbing her pussy through her panties”Wouldnt you want to feel your prick inside me? “.Misress T assembles his orgasm by slowly and seductively stroking his cock. He’s totally on edge and ready to blow at any time, she keeps him helplessly right on the verge. Mistress T beings yanking cock more difficult, she would like to see what sort of load she’s built up together with her edging. She pushes him to cum, and he releases a enormous nut load of cum spurting mega burst after mega burst making a enormous mess. Mistress T makes him lick the puddle of cum out of her hands.

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